We are open for bus rides.
We can now take youanywhere in town you need to go!
The bus runs from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm Monday-Friday!
Call 856-3546 to schedule!
RPTS rates:
$5.00 for Each One-Way Ride
$125 for Unlimited Monthly Bus Pass
  • Riverton Public Transportation Service. (RPTS)
  • Curb-to-curb transit service.
  • Rides anywhere in Riverton, WY, within one mile of the city limits.
  • Not limited to senior citizens.
    Riders must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Children under 18 must be accompanied by and adult, with proper car seat as required by law. (No rides to or from school)
  • All busses have a lift ramp.
  • Reliable busses.
  • Safe drivers.
  • Our RPTS drivers are certified in Defensive Driving, CPR, Passenger Service, and Safety.
  • With RPTS, Safety is always First.
  • RPTS will not be available ondesignated holidays, or under special considerationsfor closure.
  • We will make every effort to announce closures in advance.
How to Use RPTS Service
To schedule a ride, please call our Dispatch Department at 307-856-3546. We do suggest a 24-hour notice; this gives us the ability to meet your scheduling needs. These rides are treated on a first come, first served basis, depending on availability.
When you call, please tell the dispatcher about multiple stops you need to make. Unscheduled stops are subject to a trip fare. After your appointment, please call the same number, 856-3546, for your ride home.
When calling for a return trip, please keep in mind that the pickup will be dictated by our current schedule; we’ll pick you up as soon as we can. Wait time is generally under 15 minutes. If your return trip is provided by a source other than RPTS, please let us know.
RPTS drivers are available to assist all passengers upon request. Please keep your purchases manageable, and please remember space constraints.
Due to the specialized curb-to-curb service that RPTS provides, it is best to schedule your pickup for at least 15 minutes prior to your appointment time. For example, if your appointment is at 10:00 am, your bus pickup time should be 9:45 am. Please consider this window of time when scheduling a ride for your appointments.
After your appointment is finished, please call the same phone number, 856-3546, for your ride home.
The driver can wait for up to five minutes before leaving for the next ride, so please try to be ready to board the bus when it arrives.
We ask that all passengers purchase bus tickets in advance, however, if you must use currency, please try to have exact change ready, as our drivers do not carry cash. Bus tickets are available through the Dispatch Office or the Reception Desk at the Riverton Senior Center.
RPTS requires that a notice of cancellation should be given a minimum of one hour prior to the scheduled pickup time; this allows us more flexibility in scheduling other RPTS clients.
Failure to cancel an hour prior to the scheduled pickup time may result in a “no-show” on record. Clients with three “no-shows” may be suspended from using RPTS services for as long as two weeks.

Rider's code of conduct

Any person who rides on-board a Riverton Public Transportation vehicle is deemed to have accepted the normal risks that may be encountered when traveling on a public vehicle. Drivers are trained to operate in a safe and professional manner at all times. Passengers are reminded that, as with any vehicle traveling on public roads, sudden stops may occur without warning. Please use seatbelts for your own safety.

  1. Wear a shirt and shoes
  2. Be ready when your bus arrives. The drivers can only wait on you for 5 minutes, then they will leave. The have other rides after you and if you’re late that makes the other riders late for their appointments.
  3. Drivers cannot refund money from the fare box.
  4. Please have the exact change. Drivers cannot make change. If you pay more than the fare we can always put the extra as a credit for your next ride.
  5. Please stay behind the white line when the bus is in motion.
  6. Refrain from fighting, vulgarity, pushing or disruptive behaviour. No smoking, eating or drinking on the bus.
  7. Companion and service animals are welcome but must be carried or on a leash. Cats must be in a carrier at all times.
  8. Rides will be limited to 2 places per person per day. We have a large number of rides each day and do not have the time or driver availability to take one person to more than 2 places per day.
  9. Our service is curb to curb and we cannot carry heavy items for you. If you are going to need help carrying packages, kplease have an escort with you or waiting for you when you get home. We will provide a free ride for your escort. We realize that some of you may not be physically able to carry some items but, at the same time, our dirvers are also seniors and are not physically apable of assisting you with some things.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Riverton Public Transportation